Thursday, 24 November 2016

Life is easy when you realise your creating every moment of it

Life is easy when you realise your creating every moment of it. I find when I practice the law of attraction, which there is now scientific evidence of, life is easier. I just wish it was mainstream knowledge and taught in homes or schools.

I don't need scientific proof, if something works for me, then I believe. Plus I believe that when you believe something, then it is. End of.  But I am a scientist (ok computer) so I have a need to understand how things work and am always searching for answers. I'm like a sponge for knowledge. 

For the last couple of years I have been studying all aspects of physics, the universe and consciousness. It all fits in with my spiritual beliefs which led me back to the law of attraction. I've never been religious but always believed we and everything in the universe is energy. That is fact anyway. So in my mind no higher power or god. Us, the energy is all there is, and we create our reality.

I've always managed to attract exactly what I've wanted into my life, some not so good, but all by practicing this law.  Quantum physics fascinates me and it kind of makes sense to me, even though I have trouble articulating it and all aspects of my beliefs. There are many more scientific studies which prove we use our consciousness to create everything. Everything is just vibrating energy. 

Many people think they need to see something to believe it, i.e. the saying, "seeing is believing". But I have always been open to believing things even if we can't physically see it, or science hasn't proved it yet.  When you walk into a room where two people have had an argument, you feel the energy or atmosphere, you can't see it. They can be the best actors in the world but if there's a bad vibe you will sense it. Your feeling the vibration.

Also I think there are a lot of things we aren't told about or are made public. Not necessarily aliens or ufos, but just in general. I am amazed as to why there hasn't been much fuss made over some of the major scientific findings in the past hundred years.  It's quite laughable what news we are fed.  But understandable when you realise who is running the world and media.

I have been consciously practicing the law of attraction on and off for years. Sometimes unconsciously and not to my benefit, but other times when aware, it never fails.  I've always said. If you say you can, then you can, if you say you can't then you can't. Both of these statements are the truth. I really get annoyed when people say they can't do something because of this and that. They use excuses. Everyone uses excuses. I'm the same. But I do find when I want something bad enough, nothing will stop it from materialising. 

I see evidence of it everywhere. Rarely for the good I must say. I often listen to people who are full of the 'poor me' syndrome as I call it.  I've have many friends and family I know are struggling with life and have tried to help them. They moan about this and that and when I think I'm helping by suggesting a better choice, they say 'I can't because'. And the because is just an excuse. Everyone has excuses. This frustrates me and the trouble I have is that the older I have got the less patience I seem to have with people, family and friends.  So rather than offering my advice lately, I tend to just listen and be an ear.  

What I really want to say is... you are creating this drama, this illness, you can create a different reality if u choose it, you are attracting exactly what you are getting. 

I don't have all the answers, I can only go on my own experience. I have pretty much been through most things so when I hear a friend moan about being in debt or being overweight or suffering with mental illnesses or anything I have experience with, I feel I should try to offer advice. But it's hard to make people believe that they are creating their life circumstances by the law of attraction. But what other explanation is there? 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Cognitive SEO Free Trial Review Scam/Con

All I seem to write about lately is dodgy companies. Beware if you planning on signing up for the free trial at Cognitive SEO. Cognitive SEO Free Trial is a Scam or Con.

I thought I would see if their tools had improved so went for this. They claim you get a 14 day trial for free and then only $99/month. No Obligations. You can Cancel Anytime.

 So I went for it and put a reminder note on my calendar to cancel before the end of the 14 days.

 It stated I had till the 9th of November to cancel. But they took money on on the 24th October for 97.25.

I contacted them to complain and they then offered me a so called special deal and refund the difference.

Well on the same day they refunded me 75.53, but also took out another 133.83 which only today I have noticed.

Conning buggers! I have emailed them to ask what they are playing at. I will update when I know more.

They better refund me or I will shout louder.

Friday, 28 October 2016

My Son could be a Tommy Shelby Look Alike

Everybody says my son looks like Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy Shelby in the hit BBC series Peaky Blinders. He does have the same high cheekbones, similar eyes and mouth and when wearing a cap you can really see the likeness.  I think he could easily pass as a Tommy Shelby look alike if he was dressed in the full gear and clean shaven.

Below are some pictures of my son Shannon (more coming soon with the flat cap)

Shannon Clayton - Tommy Shelby Lookalike

Shannon Clayton - Tommy Shelby Lookalike

Tommy Shelby - Cillian Murphy - Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby - Cillian Murphy - Peaky Blinders

For those that haven't see the series you are missing a treat. It is crime drama based on the Peaky Blinders gang who operated in  Birmingham, England in the late 1800s. The TV series though is set in 1919 just after the First World War.  The drama is based around the gangs leader Tommy Shelby who is played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy.  He is a real lovable rogue and natural leader.  Ruthless and ambitious he is the most feared Peaky Blinder. He is very much a family man and determined to make their lives better.  The character was a former soldier who fought in the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Somme and whom received a number of medals of honour after the war. The war left him with ongoing nightmares and the determination to make a better life for himself and his family.

The first series was shown on  BBC Two on 13 September 2013 and ran for six episodes. The second series started on 2 October 2014. We had to wait a little longer for the third series as it was premiered on 5 May this year.

It was written by Steven Knight who came up with the idea years ago.  It is based on stories told to him by his parent who grew up in Small Heath in Birmingham. Lots of people believe the name 'Peaky Blinders' derived from the gang sticking razor blades into their flat caps to use as weapons.  This can be seen in the TV series but in reality that probably wasn't the case.  In reality the real peaky blinders were causing mayhem around the 1890's when razor blades were a luxury and expensive item according to historians.

The filming of the drama was carried out in Manchester, Leeds, some at the Black Country Living Museum but mainly in Liverpool. The street where the Shelby family lived was actually the street where the Beatles Ringo Star grew up in.  You can see the street and other location on this Peaky Blinders Location tour here.

I wont go into the series details and give spoilers but the show was an overnight success so well worth a watch.  I normally hate anything gangster related, but I loved this show, not just because everyone kept saying my son looks like Tommy.  However that was the reason I got interested in it.  You can watch series 1-3 on NetFlix or you can buy the series on DVD or Blue-Ray from the BBC website here. Earlier in the year it was revealed that the BBC have commissioned two more seasons and Cillian Murphy told the Birmingham mail that he thinks they start shooting the next series in March 2017.  This means we should get to see series 4 around October of the same year.  Cant wait.

Any lookalike agents wanting to get in touch with my son Shannon, please get in touch with me.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

"You don't need to loose weight" makes me want to scream

Whenever I mention to folk I want to loose a few pounds I always get the response "You don't need to loose weight".  If I was cheeky enough I would reply "You haven't seen me naked".  I get it though, I have always been tall so I can gain a stone and nobody but myself can see it.  But the trouble is that as I am 1/2 an inch off 6 foot, when I gain a stone or even just half a stone I can't fit into a size 12.  Size 14's just dont fit me.  They may fit around the waist, but they are ill fitting elsewhere. So for the past couple of years I have been living in leggings.

What annoys me is that many people over the years have called me skinny.  But I have not been skinny since I was a teenager when I was first living in a bedsit at 16 and partying too much and not eating enough.  Calling someone skinny is as much as an insult as calling someone fat.  I guess people make comes based on what is relative to them.  If they are quite a bit overweight, then even when I am overweight I would be thin or skinny to them.  

Being tall isn't that great to be honest, clothes dont fit unless I am a size 12 and I get a lot of jealously from women. As a young woman I hated it and wished i could chop some of my legs off.  I hated being taller than boys and standing out like a sore thumb.  But over the years I have learnt to live with it.

The weight has crept on since I started working from home back in 2009.  Not having to walk anywhere and being able to get biscuits and the like from the kitchen next door hasn't helped.  Also from time to time I suffer with depression and anxiety which has stopped me keeping up my exercise.  I used to always be a member of a club or doing some form of exercise but resent years this seemed to had dwindled.  I have been pushing my artwork so spending most evenings creating my flower people. But I haven't been happy so I decided to so something about it.

I have since joined BodyFit in Wellington and have been going to regular classes.  I did join a year or so ago with a friend but when my friend stopped going so did I.  I decided this year that I missed her classes and saw on facebook the club had moved and they run a clubbercise class.   This sounded right up my street as I love to dance and looking at the videos it looked so much fun, plus they do it to all my favourite dance tunes.  So I took my daughter-in-law along and started the classes.  When my daughter-in-law stopped going, so did I for a bit until I thought why am I not going just because she isn't..  So I got brave and went on my own. Best thing I ever did.  The lady who runs the classes is Elisha and she is just a bundle of energy and a lovely girl.   She is young so with that as her job has an enviable figure.  I think just because we reach our 40's doesn't mean we have to put up with the middle age spread as my mum calls it. Recently Elisha has been selling the Forever Living products which I have come across before. She had a talk about the products and mentioned the C9 detox and thought this might be worth a try.

In the past I have lost weight using Slimming World which I do recommend, and to be fair I do follow the diet to this day but also forgetting it and pigging out at the weekends, hence not loosing.  Being a target member I could have gone back to Slimming World, but fancied the sound of this detox.  In fairness I only did it because I wanted to give back something to Elisha, she works so hard and I know that you really have to sell a lot of Forever Living products for her to make any real profit.  So it was part to kick start my weight loss but also part to support her.  I only have about half a stone to loose and after hearing that weightless is a added bonus to this detox I decided to give it a shot.

Now many people believe that you need to do exercise to loose weight.  I totally disagree with this.  A few years ago I gained a couple of stone and I lost it in a few months by going to Slimming World and not doing any exercise.  It was when I was in my lazy period.  So I know that you dont have to up the exercise to loose weight. When we are overweight it is simply because we are eating too much of the wrong foods.  On slimming world you end up eating more of the good stuff, fruit and vegatables and just a few snacks or syns. Also remember the more we put into our body, the more the body has to work.

Exercise for me has always been about boosting my serotonin levels.  If you dont know about serotonin levels, there are many researchers who believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels may influence mood in a way that leads to depression.  I whole heartily believe this because the only time I get down is when I am not getting regular exercise. Since joining body fit and going to classes each week I haven't felt down at all and in fact have felt better than I have in a long time.  It was just the fact that I was still eating crap at the weekends that stopped the weight coming off.  So here is my review of the C9 Detox which I completed this Saturday.

C9 Detox Review

You are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day and can have free feeds such as strawberries and other fruit and veg in moderation.  My bladder didn't know what had hit it!
Before you start C9 you measure your waist and stuff.  Here were my measurements:

Weight 11.4
Chest 93cm
Biceps 28ch
Waist 93cm
Hips 96cm
Thighs 56cm
Calves 34cm

Days 1 and 2

On days 1 & 2 you only have what comes with the programme but are allowed some free foods in moderation.  Also you are only supposed to so low impact exercise like walking.  I just walked the dog a couple of times a day.

 2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel
1x Forever Therm Tablet

1x packet forever fiber

2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel
1x Forever Therm Tablet

1x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra

2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel

120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel
250ml of water

I stuck with this and just had an apple and some strawberries each day.  I found it quite easy but they do say the first two days are the hardest.

Days 3 - 9 

Your supposed to step up the exercise which i did a bit not most majorly.  I just walked the dog and went to lots of classes at BodyFit. Food wise you can now add a 600 calorie meal. The full plan you eat is below:  

 2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
120ml Forever Aloe Vera Gel
1x Forever Therm Tablet

1x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra 

1x packet forever fiber

2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
1x Forever Therm Tablet

1x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra

2 x Forever Garcinia Plus Softgels
600- Calerie Meal

250ml of water

Again I just snacked on apples and strawberries as they were the only things I really like out of the free food list.

On day four I had a tired spell but in general i felt great all the way through it.  My energy levels were rasied and by the end of it I could see and feel the results. I didnt loose as much weight as I'd have liked however they do say that the amount of weight loss depends on a number of things.  For me I wasn't that much over weight.

This is what I dropped to at the end of it:

Weight 11.0
Chest 93cm
Biceps 26cm
Waist 91cm
Hips 94.5cm
Thighs 52cm
Calves 33cm

However I'm not sure if these measurements are accurate as I only realised the tape measure doesn't start at the very end of tape. So they could be 2 cm out. Can't remember whether I realised this on first measurement or not.  I also used my scales to check fat, bmi etc:

Fat 23.5- 22.8
Body water 56.0-56.4
Bone mass 6.5-6.3
BMI 22.1-21.6

The only thing I missed on this detox was a cup of tea and salt.  I am a big salt fan I must say and do put it on everything.   Below are some before and after pictures:

Below is a side view but the ones with the same jeans didn't come out well so showing some other jeans which I can now fit into.  But you can see the difference.

Below is me trying on an old pair of size 12 jeans.  Yay they fit. Feeling fab!

So overall I am happy with the outcome.  Since it has ended I haven't wanted to revert back to my old ways of eating.  I am sticking to the slimming world healthy way of eating. With just a few treats, NOT the whole packet of biscuits like before. Also since it ended this Saturday I  have noticed that now I really can tell when I am under hydrated, so I am keeping up with the water drinking, plus it fills you up and stops you wanting to eat unnecessarily.  If I feel thirsty I force myself to drink a whole glass of water, then refill it and take it back to whatever I am doing.  I am having a cup of tea in the morning, but that's it, not more during the day, maybe one if I make one for a visitor.

Also I have noticed my fitness levels have increased.  Most Sundays I bike ride to my mums house which is only and 3 miles.  Its down hill on the way but on the back its mainly uphill.  Normally I have to stop about three times,  however this Sunday I didn't need to stop once and it took me 10 minutes less than normal. Plus i can now do two classes at BodyFit rather than just one.

If you have done the C9 detox or are thinking of doing it, comment below. I would recommend it, however at £108 it can be expensive for most.  If cost is an issue for you I recommend just doing your own form of detox by just eating fruit and vegetables for a week and drinking plenty of water.  It should give you the same results.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Free Giveaway - Win one of my miniatures from my flower people collection

I've teamed up with Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to One to offer one lucky person a chance to win this miniature Little Miss Rose.  The piece is made with parian clay and left white.  Parian clay is a self glazing clay and looks and feels like marble.  This one has been left white but it could be coloured if the winner wishes.  Colour can be be applied to just the head or the whole figure if they choose.

 For a chance to win this little flower sculpture of mine head over to the page below.. Good luck!

Head over to my website so see more of my flower people.  You can also follow me on social, I am pretty active on facebook use #cazamic to find me on all networks.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fame at last! Thanks Style at Home Magazine.

Earlier this year I had a call from a journalist looking for creative people who might have designed a kitchen or bathroom for a feature in Style at Home mag. As it happens I had designed my kitchen the year before so I happily agreed. I explained I would happily be interviewed as long as the company who installed it were not given a mention. They were cowboys that made me ill and didn't deserve the mention. However after perseverance I got the kitchen I'd designed.  A journalist and photographer came to my home and talked to me about my kitchen. The night before I had painted some flower people green and strategically placed them on display. The write up about me is in Novembers issue of Style at Home. I thought it was going to be a bit more about my creative side and my artwork mentioned more, but they listed my website and since the mag hits the shelves I have had loads of sales and commissions. So thanks Style at Home.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Best Drywall Anchors

I believe I have found the best drywall anchor and am looking for people who would like to review it for us and prove it is the best.  If you’re a keen DIY or in the building trade you will know the limitations of current plaster board or drywall anchors.

The inventor Gary has been a tradesman’s for over 30 years and believes he has come up with the ultimate drywall anchor. He got frustrated with the drywall anchors on the market so decided to design his own. This is how the GeeFix drywall anchor was born.

It is the strongest and best drywall anchor on the market, and the only one that is compatible with plasterboard, insulated plasterboard, plywood, chipboard, MDF, metal, lath & plaster and other materials. It is very easy to install, all you need is a electric or manual drill with a 25mm bit or hole cutter and a screwdriver.

The pack has very easy to follow instructions or you view them on their website and watch this video:


The guys over at Be The Pro were impressed. Jon is a builder and he tested the fixing and quoted "In my personal test, I found that a single GeeFix hollow wall anchors system can hold at least 55 lbs in ⅝ drywall. I feel like this is quite good and likely more strength than any single anchor would need." He filmed a couple of tests and the first is the first is below:

This is his second test:

You can read the whole review here:

Drywall TV Mount

Carpenter Chad did a tv wall mount installation and said "I used the GeeFix wall anchors system to mount a wall mount for a 32” television in my office. I am impressed with the performance of the anchors – confident enough in its performance that I actually hung the tv on the mount."

You can read the whole review here:

tv bracket on plasterboard wall install tv wall mount
drywall tv mount

So it seems to be pretty good.  Are you a builder or blogger who would like to review it?  Please contact if you want give it a try.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fraud/scam using - Employee at running a scam

Yesterday I was nearly conned out of £5000 so today I thought I would blog about it to see if anyone else has come across this scam.

While I was walking my dog I received a phone call on my mobile from a so called David Thorne (the number was 07552483964).  He explaining to me that he works for an agency which supplies content for the newspapers The Sun and The Times. He explained that he could offer me a FREE A4 editorial space in a magazine supplement called 'Look a little closer' which would be inserted into every copy of The Sun and The Times tomorrow (or today now).  He explained if I agreed he would get Carol Vorderman to phone me up and conduct a sort of interview over the phone and this content would get added to this magazine.  Apparently there was to be a feature on 'unusual things' and Carol had interviewed 5 other people, but one artist had a car accident and wanted to pull out of the editorial, hence there being a space.  He said normally they would fill the space with advertising but wanted to see if he could offer this slot to someone like myself. Saying I was top of his list of people to contact.  He went on about how much an editorial like this would normally cost and it was my lucky day! How my art work is amazing and totally unique and ideal for this supplement.  I then asked if it was really free and he said that I just have to pay for the interview with Carol for 'about £5000', said he would need to check, but then that money would be reimbursed by the company he works for as an expense.  At this stage I realised he was trying to con me and told him that it sounds too good to be true so must be a con.  He denied this and went on about how if I send him my logo and images today it would be going to print tonight, it would change my life, blah blah.   I then said to email me confirmation that I will get this £5000 back in an email. He said I would be paying either Carol Vordermon direct or her agents.

This is the email he sent me from

Good Afternoon Carolyn,

Just a brief written confirmation regarding the editorial opportunity we discussed on the phone for you. Confirming that we have offered you a free of charge full page A4 editorial space in the ‘ Look a little closer ’ magazine supplement, featuring Carol Vorderman, which will be printing this evening and will be a pull out insertion inside every copy of both tomorrows The Sun and Times newspapers equating to a print run of nearly 23 million copies – looking as businesses and individuals that provide something slightly different. Further guaranteeing for you that although you will have to hire Carol yourself on a freelance journalistic basis to produce the content of the space at your own expense (£5,000 – VAT nil ), that you can claim this cost back from us as an expense you have incurred towards producing content that we then print. You will be liable for your reimbursement immediately after the article goes to print, or after you physical ly confirm in writing that we are legally allowed to run the article when our production send you the final copy of proof before print. Images will be need to be provided by yourselves – It would be easiest if you could reply to this email with the images/logos you would like to incorporate into the piece. Please include your space reference as the emails subject when replying with the imagery you would like us to use ( Space ref: sun608 ). The entire supplement will be also be available for digital download and viewing on The Sun and The Times websites for between 6-12 months. You will retain all copyrights to the article for further use prior to print. Please reply with a short confirmation – I will call you back shortly!

Warmest Regards

- -
David Thorne
Supplements Manager
Direct: 07552483964
Switchboard: 020 7782 6000

News UK & Ireland Ltd
1 London Bridge Street
United Kingdom
020 7782 6000

Copyright © 2015 News Corp UK & Ireland Limited. All rights reserved. This website is published by News Corp UK & Ireland Limited, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Registered in England No 81701. VAT number GB 243 8054 69.


Back at home he phoned me again from this number:  020 7782 6000 which happens to be the same number for News UK which is a trading name of News Corp UK & Ireland Limited.  And according to this wiki page a key person is Rupert Murdoch. The website says on its home page that they publish for The Sun and The Times. So it all looked quite legitimate. 

I was still skeptical and told him this and he said "but I have emailed you from The Sun ( and I am calling you from the company I work for...  You can see the number on the website".  This was all true.  I then said to him that if this was legitimate and Carol has already done some of these interviews then get her to call me to confirm.  If its worth £5K to her she wont mind speaking to me briefly before I confirm to have this interview done by her.  He then said it shouldn't be a problem and I hung up, assuming I would get a call from Carol.  Obviously I didn't hear from Carol or him again.

This email is listed on the contact page of The Sun's website so it is a real email. 

This and the fact that he called me from a number which is listed on made me worry that I was rude to this chap and I had missed out.  But my instinct told me this was a scam. One thing that I found odd was why there was the daily mail url in the signature of the email.

So I decided to find out who Carol Vordermans agent is and get in touch.   Her agent is John Miles MBE and he confirmed it was not a genuine proposal. He actually called the mobile without a reply and he called the 020 7782 6000 which is the switchboard at and they confirmed they dont know a David Thorne.  So obviously fraud. I have since had a conversation with John and he agreed when I suggested reporting it to the police. He wasn't happy as they are using his clients name.  What worries me is if this chap has done this many times and conned many people.  I do hope I am the first..   So I contacted Action Fraud and they decided it was serious enough to file a report.  I am now waiting on someone from the police in London to phone me.

I assume that this person works at  He was very convincing and had I not been exposed to unscrupulous journalists in the past I may well have fell for this.

So if you have had a similar experience, maybe using a different celebrity or different story please get in touch.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Multiplumb Dartford Review

Review of Richard Costello’s firm Multiplumb, based in Dartford, Kent.


I employed Richard Costello’s firm to install a central heating system in my house. The system was fitted by Multiplumb’s Gary Batters, as named on the Gas Safe register, not the Gary Hughes as listed on the Multiplumb website but not on the Gas Safe register. Here are some of the things Costello’s firm did, and also left undone, which have needed to be rectified at my extra cost by professional tradesmen. I have witness, professional and photographic evidence. When I first tried to raise some of the issues with Richard Costello he denied it all and has repeatedly lied. Here are some of the issues:

1.       Multiplumb carried a NICEIC logo on its paperwork but it was a lie, it was not a member of NICEIC, and Multiplumb was on NICEIC’s ‘wall of shame’ of liars. Nor could NICEIC find any record of Costello’s electrician. (Another Costello firm, Trusted Home Improvements (no longer trading) carried a NICEIC logo and also a Guild of Master Craftsmen logo, but neither the firm, Costello or his partner Greg Calver, were confirmed members of either organisation.)

2.       A Gas Safe report raised several issues of concern relating to work done by Multiplumb.

3.       Multiplumb was paid for work it never finished but I never received a refund.

4.       Multiplumb failed to test and fill in the boiler commissioning form, contravening building regulations (and left the key needed for filling, jammed in the boiler).

5.       With winter approaching, Multiplumb left all of the newly installed pipework in the loft unlagged, including under the boiler. The contractor is required under part L of the Building Regulations to insulate all new pipework with foam pipe insulation.

6.   Burn marks on the timber backing caused by soldering the pipe joints show that the plumber failed to use an incombustible shield when soldering, a fire risk.

7.   Multiplumb left old radiator pipes protruding above the floor where the radiators had been removed instead of cutting them back and making good any holes.

8.   Instead of cutting into the chipboard floor, Costello and his employee tore big

      holes in the floor with crowbars and left the floor damaged.

9. Multiplumb left pipework unclipped to the wall, so exposing it to damage.

Other loutish behaviour included breaking two lamps and not bothering to tell me, let alone apologise; taking a bulb out of the master bedroom centre light, breaking the fitting in the process and leaving me without a light for well over a week, all without telling me, let alone apologising for and rectifying it. I suppose other behaviour such as Batters’s ignoring the radios I left out and taking it upon himself to instead use my hifi at full blast without permission are small fry.

1.       Richard Costello has even lied on a Dartford County Court form.

2.       At the time of writing this, I am having to arrange a pressure test on my pipes because it is suspected that Multiplumb fitted new pipes to existing ones without first conducting such a test.

9. I can no longer afford to pursue this case through the courts, in time or fees. I took out a summons in December, 2015, assuming that this was the way to achieve some sort of justice. The case is still winding its weary way through, with the court:

having lost papers/denied receiving post or emails for which I have proof of sending; failed to file papers on time; made an extremely clerical serious error that could have had disastrous consequences for myself, luckily I was able to notify the court in time; failed to apologise for said error; been delayed by “a backlog of work” further delayed by the judge’s period of leave; despite all of the former, demanding yet another set of fees which on top of everything else, I can no longer afford.

1.       Multiplumb is a member of CIPHE and is on CheckATrade, just so you know.

I will never get any money back or any legal justice, so an online review to let others know what has happened, is the best I can now do.

10. Failed to cut the flue to the correct length, so leaving it protruding from the roof.

11. Left the old water tank full of rubbish in the loft, leaving me to cut it up and pay to have it removed.

Review by Sharon Smith

Monday, 25 April 2016

Electronic Cigarettes Vs Smoking

I have recently been trying out electronic cigarettes. I haven't fully stopped smoking cigarettes but I have cut down quite a lot. That is the next step.  First I am trying to get my head round all the terminology surrounding e-cigs and vaping.  Having done some google searches I came across a site that answered a lot of my questions:  They have a page which explains all the terminology here

After reading around I realised I should start with a basic starter kit.  I followed the advice found on this e cigarette starter kit page and ended up buying the Aspire e Cigarette Starter Kit.   So far so good.  It comes with 5 coil heads which I haven't needed to use yet, but it is early days.  From what I have read I will know when the coil needs changing because the vapor production will be reduced and it might leak or make gurgling noises or a burnt taste.  So far I haven't noticed anything like this but I have my spare coils at the ready.

Liquid wise I am liking  the sweet flavours with bubble gum being my favourite at the moment.  It takes me back to being a child when I used to sneakily smoke and then chew bubble gum to supposedly rid the smell.  Not that it worked.. however the taste of  the bubble gum and the nicotine (12mg) seems to just take me back to those times.  I also used to chew juicy fruit chewing gum which made me wonder if they do an e liquid in that flavour!  A couple of clicks later I have found some so just ordered this juicy fruit eliquid! Excited muchly.

To be fair is all the different flavours which convinced me to try this vaping lark.  I had a go on my sons one and he had parma violets eliquid which tastes just like those little purple sweets from my childhood!  I couldn't stop puffing on it which convinced me this has got to be the way to do.  Lets face it most of us seasoned smokers if we are honest dont really like the taste of tobacoo (well I don't) it is just an addiction.  So if I can stop it by vaping on fruity flavours, surely this is better and the way forward..

I will see how I go and update my progress with another post.  Happy vaping everyone.. I finally get it!